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Finger Lakes Trail

Finger Lakes Trail System? What is it?

The FLT trail system of over 875 miles is located on both private and public land. There are currently over 450 generous private landowners who allow the trail to be on their property


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Canastota Boxing Hall of Fame

FOR DECADES the boxing community looked on with envy as legends from other sports were inducted into their respective halls of fame. The shrines to baseball, football and basketball are located in the ancestrial homes to those sports. But boxing has no such geographical origin. Although organized pugilism as we know it originated in England, the sport’s epicenter moved across to America around the same time that the sun began to set on Queen Victoria’s empire.


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National Baseball Hall of Fame

National Baseball Hall of Fame 

Museum open daily from 9AM – 5PM  
Admission: FREE (Members), $14.50 (Adults), $9.50 (Sr.),  $5 (Age 7-12), FREE (Age 0-6), Retired & Active Military FREE

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Onondaga Lake Park Onondaga Lake Park is truly a people’s place, with activity from dawn to dusk every day of the year. It’s special for a lot of reasons…free admission; the best paved, vehicle free trails in the region; free outdoor wireless internet (at the Griffin Visitor Center area);a legacy of history reflecting 500 years of community growth; and as the host to great special events, sporting competitions and festivals. Seven miles of shoreline nooks and crannies provide tremendous options for family picnics, including developed areas in Willow Bay and Cold Springs.  (more…)

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Pratt’s Falls

Scenic trails leading to a 137′ waterfall beckon visitors to bring a well-stocked picnic basket and a sense of adventure. This geological wonder, formed by retreating glaciers, was the site of Onondaga County’s first mill operation in 1796. Picnic opportunities abound. Pratt’s Falls is popular for archery and cross-country skiing. (more…)

Posted: Friday, May 18th, 2007 @ 11:54 am by Curt
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