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Doug’s Fish Fry

Smell of fried fish baits locals, tourists to visit Doug’s Fish Fry for a bite to eat

By Linda Ober / Skaneateles Journal

SKANEATELES – Walking down Jordan Street on a sunny spring day, the smell wafting through the air is unmistakable.

Fish, fried fish. Crispy, golden, lip-smacking good fried fish.

For Mark Edwards, it’s hard to believe that those smells have been calling to both locals and tourists for 25 years, that Doug’s Fish Fry is celebrating its silver anniversary this month.

And yet, he wouldn’t have it any other way. Read the rest of the story and more here

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Dispatch Citizen’s Advisory Committee
In January 2007, the Town and Village Boards jointly formed the Citizens Advisory Committee on Dispatch Services (DCAC) to discuss and make advisory recommendations on the most cost-effective and responsive way of providing:

Emergency dispatch services;
Inter & intra-departmental communications & non-emergency dispatch services
Emergency and critical parameter monitoring of facilities and systems
Citizen information & notification services, including the non-governmental volunteer organizations that serve the community.
In arriving at its recommendations, DCAC is examining not only current Village dispatch services provided to meet both Town and Village needs, but also reasonable service and technology options, paying particular attention to opportunities and issues that may arise within the next 5-10 years.  Initially the DCAC is gathering information through group and individual member visits and discussions with, at minimum, the Skaneateles Dispatch Center, the Onondaga County 911 Center, and another local community which takes an alternate approach to providing comprehensive services.  There will also be a series of open meetings to assess dispatch service user needs & requirements, technology options and challenges, and community views.   The final phase will be to wrap up its deliberations, formulate its report, and make recommendations in the Spring. 

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Skaneateles Communications Center
Supervisor Phil Tierney

The Skaneateles Communications Center, commonly
known as the dispatch center, has served the Town and
the Village with distinction for many years operating as
an entity within the Skaneateles Fire Department. The
relocation of the fire department to a new station currently
under construction prompted some changes by
the Village that led to a review of the status of the center
as an economically and technologically viable operation
given the advances in communications and the
County 911 system. Some people voiced the concern
that the dispatch center was redundant as a 24/7 emergency
response service.
In response to these concerns, the Town and Village
appointed a joint task force to review the issue. The
task force is composed of two Town representatives:
Doreen Simmons and Christine Buff; two Village representatives:
Kathryn Carlson and Lee Buttolph; and a
joint Town and Village representative: John Paddock,
who serves as the chair of the task force. This group of…

want to know more? Go to Phil’s article at Town Of Skaneateles

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Carpenters Brook Fish Hatchery

Volunteers are needed to help stock fish. If you can
help or know of someone who might
be available please follow the instructions
Call Carpenters Brook Fish Hatchery
at 689-9367.
Call between 8:30 a.m. and 12:30
If there is no response you will get a voice mail.
Leave your name & a call back number and they will
call you.

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An Early Dress Maker
Beth Batlle, Town Historian
In the 1870′s, dressmaking, along with millinery,
was the fourth most important occupation
for women in the United States. Few
dressmakers became wealthy. However, these
two businesses did allow women to maintain a certain
position of independence.
Ellen Lee Jewell was such dressmaker. She was born in
Devonshire, England in 1842. At the age of 23, she married
Samuel Jewell. Shortly after their wedding, the couple
left their homeland, came to this country and settled in
Skaneateles. Eventually they made their home at #8
Onondaga Street in Skaneateles, a two family house built
by Samuel and his brother, James. Ellen’s profits might
have been a welcome compliment to her carpenter husband’s
When a woman in Skaneateles wanted a new dress…

want to read more? The Article continues at The Town of Skaneateles

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