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Good News from Auburn, New York

IGNITE is excited to announce their 2007 schedule of events, but for those that have not heard of the organization before, here’s a little history…

Background Story:
We seek to unite all of Cayuga County’s promising young talent – be they farmer, artist, business owner or specialist. Through this grass-roots effort, we want to celebrate the diverse array of resources in our community and make it a better place for all.

To unite a diverse group of young professionals by fostering activities and civic engagements, creating investment in our region.

Read our Calendar of Events for details

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Operation Auburn

What is Operation Auburn?

It is becoming ever clearer that people are the key to the future of our city. By participating in this outreach, you are assisting not only the City of Auburn, but the residents that make up our community in getting the attention of people in your life who would like to take advantage of opportunities at home.

Affordable homes, highly regarded schools, educated workforce, life in Auburn is REAL. SMART. EASY. 

Did you catch the August 2005 issue of Outside Magazine? Auburn made it on the list of eight honorable mentions for BEST PLACE TO LIVE.

“This trout-fishing haven of 28,000 near upstate New York’s Lake Owasco is staging a RENEWABLE ENERGY revolution. In 2003 the City retrofitted its 75-year old municipal building with a geothermal heating system designed to cut CO2 emissions by 58%.”

Outside Magazine
Smart solutions growing smart companies.

The heating and cooling units that made this system possible were designed and built at the McQuay facility on Tech Park Blvd. These Water Source Heat Pumps that are used in geothermal installations now account for 30% of the product sales that come out of the McQuay facility in Auburn.

Cost of living here is easy to take.

The 2000 census reported that our median family income was 90% of the national average at $44,973. Keep in mind that the average cost of a single family home in 2000 was $75,000 and the average cost of a home nation wide was $150,000. Average families in Auburn have 40% more disposal income that other average Americans.

Real neighborhoods supporting families.

Remember our community assets; a local daily newspaper, local radio stations, museums, community college, libraries, community and civic organizations, churches and strong local support for social services through the United Way, low crime rate, walkable neighborhoods, proximity to larger urban areas four seasons, great water and no or little commute. Auburn is one of those best places where everything comes together – challenging work, a built-for-the future workforce, and a way of life that is so real, you just can not beat it.

Auburn, New York, where it all comes together for a work-life balance that is

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Syracuse Habitat for Humanity

Syracuse Habitat for Humanity proudly announces the
second Women Build Project, scheduled to break
ground in September 2007. This unique Project empowers
women to build Habitat homes, enabling them
to positively impact the lives of children by making
homeownership a present reality for families. Women
Build is not about excluding men; it’s about including
women. Women are often intimidated on a ‘mixed’
construction site; but in the comfortable environment
of a Women Build site, they quickly learn construction
skills. Women need not wait for others to address substandard
housing issues. They have the capability and
determination to be part of the solution — one family
at a time. Want to know more? Click here.

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Doug’s Fish Fry

Smell of fried fish baits locals, tourists to visit Doug’s Fish Fry for a bite to eat

By Linda Ober / Skaneateles Journal

SKANEATELES – Walking down Jordan Street on a sunny spring day, the smell wafting through the air is unmistakable.

Fish, fried fish. Crispy, golden, lip-smacking good fried fish.

For Mark Edwards, it’s hard to believe that those smells have been calling to both locals and tourists for 25 years, that Doug’s Fish Fry is celebrating its silver anniversary this month.

And yet, he wouldn’t have it any other way. Read the rest of the story and more here

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Dispatch Citizen’s Advisory Committee
In January 2007, the Town and Village Boards jointly formed the Citizens Advisory Committee on Dispatch Services (DCAC) to discuss and make advisory recommendations on the most cost-effective and responsive way of providing:

Emergency dispatch services;
Inter & intra-departmental communications & non-emergency dispatch services
Emergency and critical parameter monitoring of facilities and systems
Citizen information & notification services, including the non-governmental volunteer organizations that serve the community.
In arriving at its recommendations, DCAC is examining not only current Village dispatch services provided to meet both Town and Village needs, but also reasonable service and technology options, paying particular attention to opportunities and issues that may arise within the next 5-10 years.  Initially the DCAC is gathering information through group and individual member visits and discussions with, at minimum, the Skaneateles Dispatch Center, the Onondaga County 911 Center, and another local community which takes an alternate approach to providing comprehensive services.  There will also be a series of open meetings to assess dispatch service user needs & requirements, technology options and challenges, and community views.   The final phase will be to wrap up its deliberations, formulate its report, and make recommendations in the Spring. 

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