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Logan Park Lofts Open House

Hundreds of people received their first look at an important residential development in Downtown Auburn. Developers of the Logan Park Lofts allowed interested parties to view a show space in mid December evening during an open house.

The multi-year, $6-million project is converting the former Wegman Piano Factory on Logan Street into 35 higher-end loft apartments and townhouses. The project has been in the works since Matteo Bartolotta of Bartolotta Furniture Co. purchased the property in 2005.

Joe Bartolotta, one of Matteo’s sons working on the complex, said they plan to start renting as early as spring 2010. While the unit viewed by visitors was furnished and complete, the other apartments included little more than floors, walls and windows. But crews and planners have completed most of the hard work, Bartolotta said. The fixtures are the finishing touches. “I would say we’re probably about 80 percent completed,” he said. “Most of the heavy lifting is behind us.”

The show apartment boasted granite counter tops, custom cupboards, hardwood floors and exposed brick walls. The residential units will also have security gates and staff, high-energy air and heating, washer and dryer and an intercom system.

Attendees of the open house passed a vintage piano on the way to the show unit. The piano was built at the Wegman factory and rebuilt at Bartolotta Furniture Co., Joe Bartolotta said. There is a lot of interest from locals and out-of-town residents, he continued.

Though there are no written leases, Bartolotta said they have verbal commitments from several people. Developers are still studying prices, but he estimated monthly rents could range from $900 to $1,500 depending on the square footage and number of bedrooms.

“I think it was a great success,” Bartolotta said of the open house. “There seems to be a lot of interest and a great deal of excitement.” The show drew high-profile names, with local and state officials taking a look at the early results of a community investment.

The Logan Park Lofts have received substantial assistance from the public since its inception. The state-funded Restore NY program granted $1.8 million to the project in 2005. The developers will also receive some tax breaks and incentives from the Auburn Industrial Development Authority. Initially, developers were planning on selling the units as condominiums, but regulations concerning historic structures state the units can’t be sold, at least initially.

Jennifer Haines, director of the City’s Department of Planning and Economic Development, said the Logan Street development is one of multiple residential projects using established structures in the city. On North Street, the Kyle family is turning the C.W. Brister and Sons flour mill into apartments and eventually a restaurant and train station. Multiple downtown projects on South Street also include upstairs lofts.

Haines pointed out that a city like Auburn doesn’t have a lot of room to grow outwards with new construction. That makes projects like Logan Park, which find new, creative uses for existing structures, important for the city’s revitalization.

“We really appreciate these private partners taking on these types of projects,” said Haines, who added that the city stands “ready to assist” where it can with similar proposals.

Auburn Mayor Michael Quill also attended the open house, and he called the amount of work done so far “incredible.” Quill said he believes there will be a lot of demand for high-end condos, townhouses and apartments in Auburn. While many of these developments seek to draw young professionals, Quill said he believes the baby boomer generation will also have interest.

As their kids move away, and they only want to stay in the area for the summer and fall, Quill said his generation will look for nice places that don’t require the maintenance and work of a full home. But these projects take investment, and Quill said a lot of credit goes to the Bartolottas for investing the time, money and effort into Auburn.

“To take that much interest in downtown Auburn took a lot of foresight, and a lot of hard work to get where they are,” Quill said.

-Provided by The Citizen

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December 18th & 19th, 2009

GOTTA DANCE in Auburn, NY Finger Lakes Region

Who says you can’t hip-hop if you’re 80-years-old? Who says your days as a performer are long gone? Who says you can’t shake things up and light up a jam-packed sports arena with your hot moves and cool attitude?
Just because you’re a card-carrying member of AARP, do you have to give up on your dreams?
No. You don’t. Absolutely not.
GOTTA DANCE is BAD NEWS BEARS morphed into the flip side of MAD HOT BALLROOM.
GOTTA DANCE the movie chronicles the debut of the New Jersey Nets’ first-ever senior hip-hop dance team, 12 women and 1 man – all dance team newbies, from auditions through to center court stardom.
As smooth dance moves are perfected and performed in front of thousands, aging myths and misperceptions are pulverized.
Despite swollen ankles, exhausting rehearsals, fashion clashes and seemingly impossible dance steps, the NETSational Seniors go for it, spreading joy, inspiration and cool dance moves as they hip-hop their way into the hearts of Nets fans and beyond.


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A CHILD’S CHRISTMAS IN WALES A new tradition for Auburn

Review by Tom Woods, Special to the Citizen Grade: A When I wrote last year that I hoped the Auburn Public Theater would make “A Child’s Christmas in Wales” an annual event, I thought perhaps that its creators would allow the theater to mount the play on its own. I didn’t expect Polly Hogan and Ron Ritchell to bring it back themselves. Hogan and Ritchell, together with APT co-founder Carey Eidel and local actor Dave Tobin, are reunited for another round of the play running this December the downtown theater.

For those who missed this extraordinary event last year, “A Child’s Christmas in Wales” is an adaptation by Hogan taken from the writings of Dylan Thomas. Her script is absolutely marvelous, weaving Thomas’ poetry and narrative together brilliantly and creating a work that is evocative and emotive. The unusual effect of this play is not that it takes you back so vividly to the Swansea Christmases of Thomas’ youth, but to your own. The performances are just as good as the material, with Hogan and Ritchell in a variety of roles and Tobin and Eidel as Thomas and his friend Jim at a variety of ages.

Ritchell is superb in every detail, particularly effective opening and closing the show with Thomas’ poetry. Hogan is a joy as an assortment of mothers, aunts and spinsters, all clearly delineated and unique, each familiar and redolent. Eidel is masterful as Jim, delivering a detailed and consistent performance, using traits of the boy to inform the actions of the man. Whether hunting cats in the snow or passing judgment on his fellow villagers he is completely believable. Tobin tightens what was a good performance last year, finding more detail and comfort as Thomas. He, too, uses the youngster to help create the man but has the additional burden of commentator. His transitions between narration and character are much smoother now, and his work throughout is more confident and seamless.

The technical aspects of the production show improvement as well. There is more and better lighting and some additions to the set that help both the look and the flow.There is nothing objectionable for families, but some of the material may not hold the attention of very young children.

General Information



Artistic Producing Director: Angela Daddabbo

Managing Director/Rentals: Carey Eidel

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HYPNOSIS FOR WEIGHT LOSS/EXERCISE MOTIVATION at The Center (1 Hoffman St., Corner of Genesee, Auburn), Tuesday, Jan 12th, 7:00 – 8:30 pm with facilitator Connie Heagerty, CHT. Cost: $45.00. This workshop will include a group weight loss/exercise hypnosis session, lessons on how to use self-hypnosis and a CD for home use. Pre-registration is required. Online registration available at www.TheCenter4Wellness.com, or call 315.704.0319.

CORE STABILITY PHYSIO BALL CLASSES at The Center (1 Hoffman St., Corner of Genesee, Auburn) with instructor: Dr. Danielle Ryan, Chiropractor: Mondays, Jan 4th – Feb 8th, 4:30 – 5:15 pm. Cost: $72.00 for 6 week series. Pre-registration is required. Online registration available at www.TheCenter4Wellness.com, or call 315.704.0319. We honor drop-ins. Drop in fee is $15.00 per class.

CORE STABILITY PHYSIO BALL CLASSES at The Center (1 Hoffman St., Corner of Genesee, Auburn) with instructor: Dr. Danielle Ryan, Chiropractor: Tuesdays, Jan 5th – Feb 9th, 9:30 – 10:15 am. Cost: $72.00 for 6 week series. Pre-registration is required. Online registration available at www.TheCenter4Wellness.com, or call 315.704.0319. We honor drop-ins. Drop in fee is $15.00 per class.

REIKI SHARE at The Center (1 Hoffman St., Corner of Genesee, Auburn): Wednesday, Jan 13th, 7:00 – 9:30 pm. This is an opportunity for practitioners of Reiki to get together to practice their skills. Please call 315.704.0319 to reserve you place. Suggested donation is $10.00.

1 Hoffman St.
Auburn, NY 13021
P: 315.704.0319
F: 315.704.0160

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23rd Annual Holiday Parade and Family Fun Day Sat. Nov., 28, 2009 Sponsored by Downtown Auburn BID 3-5:30pm FREE Family activities in and around the Genesee Mall, Exchange St.
Mall, City Parking Garage ground level area include: Horse drawn wagon rides sponsored by Wegmans, Child Photo ID Program by Cayuga Co. Sheriff’s Dept. Music by Jane Stebbins and St. Mary’s Choir, Food vending by Swaby’s, Free Hot chocolate by Red Cross, Fun activities for children, Chili Tasting at Daut’s Restaurant 5:30-6:30. Toys for Tots donation Box by The UPS Store. Parade begins at 6:00pm at the corner of East Genesee and Fulton Sts. goes through Downtown and onto William St., then to City Hall, for Santa’s arrival and the tree lighting by Mayor Mike Quill, Community Bonfire and Music by the Auburn Civic Band, visit Santa at the Genesee Mall, free coupons from Reva Rollerdrome.
Bring your camera and join the fun.

Website: www.auburndowntown.org

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