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Contiguglias perform at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Auburn

Tickets for the Contiguglias’ October 26 2008¬†Auburn concert are $15 for adults and
$5 for students. A $25 series ticket includes Simone Dinnerstein’s concert on
April 19, 2009. For tickets and information, call 315-253-5288 or visit

Two days before entering Wold War II, on September 1, 1939, Britain entered darkness. A complete blackout was enforced that effected lives in every way. As bombs fell on London, cultural institutions took a toll. Theatres and cinemas were closed and the paintings were removed from London’s National Gallery.

Concerned about the blackout’s effect on Londoners’ morale, pianist Dame Myra Hess initiated a series of lunchtime concerts of classical music at the National Gallery of Art. (more…)

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