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Saturday, August 8th at 7:30pm

Auburn Public Theater
108 Genesee Street
Auburn NY 13021

Tickets $12.00
Having just returned from her first performance at Bonaroo in June 2009, Julia Nunes is a ukulele and guitar playing singer/songwriter from upstate New York, whose self-made videos on YouTube have brought her to the attention of fellow college students, folk purists and celebrities alike. 1980s icon, actress Molly Ringwald, who took up the ukulele recently, famously said on Good Morning America about Julia, “I’ve always wanted to play the ukulele, and she completely inspired me.” Piano rocker Ben Folds found one of Julias YouTube covers and asked her to open four shows for him in May 2008, and she dueted on stage with him in April 2009. What is her appeal? Julia conveys intelligent honesty, mined with humor, and a knack for picking or writing songs, which appeal to both the ear and the heart. Her catchy songs display well crafted lyrics and singable melodies, which her fans say are inspiring and insightful. Her cover songs, from the Beatles, Beach Boys and Nat King Cole to Say Anything, Motion City Soundtrack and Spoon, express her love of good music and demonstrate a musical knowledge of popular sounds which transcend genre. A child and grandchild of musicians, Julia?s heritage includes Portuguese fado music, Jazz and rock and roll. Her own musical journey began at the tender age of 7, when she started piano lessons, but didnt really take off until she was given a guitar in her early teens. Her first song was written at 14. Her first CD of original songs, no longer available, was released when she was 17. The second CD, Left Right Wrong, the title of which reflects Julias difficulties with direction, was released at 18. Her third, I Wrote These followed a year later. She is currently in the studio recording a new collection of original songs. Arguably Julias appeal, aside from her talent and charm, has spread because of her savvy use of social networking websites, specifically, YouTube. This fact has not escaped the blogosphere, where one can read everything from an analysis of Julia videos as compared to Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada to a description of what Julia does on YouTube and how to do it yourself.



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Julia Nunes plays Auburn, NY and the Finger Lakes

Julia Nunes plays Auburn, NY and the Finger LakesMay 16th 2009  JULIA NUNES at 7:30pm

She’s a YouTube phenomenon. She’s a ukulele-wielding smartass and an incredible talent. She’s Julia Nunes – and she just woke up. Fairport native Nunes has been working her 19-year-old butt off lately. She just got back from a handful of dates opening for piano popster Ben Folds, she’s in the middle of recording her second album, getting flooded with fan mail, dealing with more than 1 million YouTube hits, and being hounded for autographs. Actress Molly Ringwald just sang her praises in a morning-show interview earlier this week.
Nunes is a serious musician with bright blue eyes, bright blonde hair, and a perpetual smirk. She has a knack for turning a phrase into something much more than your standard girl-with-a-guitar lament. Plus she’s got a big, beautiful voice – and a little ukulele. Nunes first made the scene four years ago in the informal singer-songwriter collective that came to be known as Chicks With Picks; five young women who rose above the coffeehouse caterwaul cliché to offer some refreshing, lyrically insightful, and compelling music.
Nunes’ migration to the ukulele separated her from the pack even more. Nunes was already creating a buzz with YouTube videos of her own songs played on guitar, complete with harmonies and clever, though perhaps a little rudimentary, video editing. Once the ukulele entered the equation, people really started to take notice – including the folks at Bushman, a company that manufactures ukuleles in Nashville, Indiana. The Bushman bigwigs urged Nunes to enter the company’s World Ukulele Video Contest. The prize: a new Bushman ukulele. After Nunes’ win in December 2007 the buzz went from bumblebee to chainsaw. Ben Folds was one of those people watching. The college-friendly alt-pop star dug her cover of his tune “Gone,” and offered her the opening slot on some of his tour dates this past spring. At present, Nunes has more than 27,000 subscribers to her YouTube account, which currently hosts 43 videos. Her most recent video, “Balloons,” received more than 600,000 hits in the first four days it was posted.

CHECK HER OUT AT: http://www.junumusic.com  www.myspace.com/jaaaaaaa   http://www.youtube.com/user/jaaaaaaa

108 Genesee at Exchange Street

Convenient parking next door in the City Parking Garage
To rent Auburn Public Theater for your creative, social or corporate event, please contact Janie MicGlire at janie@auburnpublictheater.com

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