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In Concert: Jeffrey Scott Connor,
Juliana Richer Daily, The Dingleberries & Katie Cholette
Saturday, July 24 @ 8:00pm
Jeff Connor: Orignially from Skaneateles, Jeff Connor is a singer/songwriter currently living in New York City. He has played all over Central NY and opened for Julia Nunes. He likes curry. Listen to him at: http://www.abandontrouble.com/
Julianna Richer Daily: Juliana is a 21 year old singer-songwriter from upstate New York who loves a good run, the occasional nap, and the company of cats. When she’s not making music, you’ll likely find her reading on the roof or off somewhere covered in paint. Still curious? Check out: www.julianaricherdaily.com
The Dingleberries: Joe Bergan and The Dingleberries have been playing old time folky music together for 3 years. Joe Bergan plays guitar and draws a majority of his influence from his 9 failed marriages, particularly his separation from Emma McDougall a.k.a Big Leg Emma. Scott Garrett, born Armenius Rutherford Garrett in 1921, plays guitar, harmonica, and is a former sharecropper from Northern Tennessee. Scott’s career in moonshining brought him to Auburn, where he typically spends his time making whiskey/paint-thinner. Brian Clare plays guitar, banjo, fiddle, guitjo, dobro, and the spoons. Brian mastered a wide variety of instruments during his 4 year incarceration in the late 80’s after burglarizing a music store.
$5 at the door (wine/beer w/proper I.D.)

Auburn Public Theatre http://www.auburnpublictheater.org/

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