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”Make and Take” Rain Barrel Workshops

May 2nd 2009
10 am to 1pm

Village Water Department Garage
75 Fennell Street
Skaneateles, NY
Cornell Cooperative Extension of Onondaga County is hosting a ?Make and Take? Rain Barrel Workshop,
co-sponsored by the Spafford Area Garden Enthusiasts. Workshop participants will convert recycled
food-grade containers into rain barrels that can then be attached to the end of a downspout to capture
the rainwater that falls onto the rooftop. Rain barrels are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners
because they provide a free source of clean water to use in lawns and gardens. Workshop participants
will also learn the basics of rain barrel installation and maintenance and will be able to paint their
barrel to better match the landscape of their home.

Call 424-9485 for more information.

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