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John Ford’s Shop
1568 Number One Rd
Union Springs, N.Y.

9:00 til ?
Cost $3  NOTE: Lunch is NOT provided

9:00 Coffee and Donuts
poke about John’s shop

10:00-til? sessions:

……Fix My Boat: Terry & Rosemary Holland’s 1952 Chris Craft Sportsman is not running right, help to identify the problems, offer suggestions to fix the problems, trouble-shoot, share ideas. Lake test (weather permitting)
…..Is your trailer set up to best fit your boat and for easiest launching and retrieval? See how some are set up, offer ideas on how to improve upon them.

……Is your oil ruining your engine? Concerns about reformulation of modern oil. Additives that may help. What is the “correct” oil to use?

……Today’s gas, ethanol, and its effects on our engines. K100 products and discussion on how to protect your engine.


WCCB Auction: Please bring items to auction off, support our club!!!

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Advanced Munay-Ki Workshop Soul Retrieval with Brenda Kayn

Advanced Munay-Ki Workshop – Soul Retrieval with Brenda Kayn, Medicine Woman

Learn how to track and retrieve a life force that has been lost.  Soul retrieval is a very powerful healing technique that allows a person to recover their essential grace.

Date:  Saturday, September 27, 2008

Time: 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Beth Miller
Office Manager
The Center
(315) 704.0319

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