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Susie is an instructor who teaches from her heart, from her love & experience of yoga and life! She feels her yoga, and teaches with compassion and clarity.

Participants learn to feel the energy and compassion that shines from within…and this feels good!

(and it’s really not that hard to live this way!)

“I will guide you through the pose, but remember, your main job is to bring life to your pose, to be fully present and alive and to participate fully.”

Positivlely Yoga
2160 Singing woods Dr
Skaneateles, NY 13152

email: susieyoga@gmail.com
phone: 315 685 5047

Sliding into the feeling of stillness, into the feeling of peacefulness is the main practice.

It’s only when you have the feeling of peacefulness will you have the clarity of what and what not to do.

The asanas free the body, the breathing and pranyama free the mind. When you are free, you have a direct connection to your heart, to be able to listen to inner guidance.

When you are free, it’s like living life in full blooming color! Life becomes a blast!

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GENTLE YOGA FOR FIFTIES PLUS (Slow, gentle yoga movements.)

Place: The Center, 1 Hoffman Street, Auburn
Date: Wednesday Mornings – Sept 9 – Oct 28
Time: 9:30 – 11:00 am
Instructor: Georgia Stormes, RYT
Cost: $100.00 (Eight 1.5 hour sessions)

Pre-registration is required. Contact 315.704.0319 for more information or visit www.TheCenter4Wellness.com.
The Center
1 Hoffman Street, Suite B
Auburn, NY 13021
Fax: 315.704.0160
For Hotel reservations in the area call 315-685-7568 or visit www.skaneatelessuites.com

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‘A Three Day Yoga Retreat With World Renowned Teacher At Stella Maris Retreat Center’ 
Beginning Friday, September 04, 2009 At 05:00 PM

Stella Maris Retreat Center
130 E Genesee St
Skaneateles NY 13152
For more information contact:
Judiann Cesta ,director East Street Yoga 685-9096 Email: judiannskn@aol.com
East Street Yoga is sponsoring Paul Toliuszis,owner of the Miami Beach Yoga Shala, for a 3 day yoga retreat at the beautiful Stella Maris Retreat Center on Skaneateles Lake. Paul is also an accomplished professional golfer and infuses his practical approach to yoga with his whimsical sense of humor.You are invited to partake in the entire retreat or a la carte classes available.
miamibeachpoweryoga.com for more description of classes and event.Sept 4-6

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Gentle Yoga at The Center (1 Hoffman Street, corner of Genesee, Auburn) with guest instructor Laura Cook, RYT Wednesdays, August 12th – September 2nd, 9:30 – 10:30 am. Cost: $48. Bring a mat. Classes are suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Pre-registration is required. Call 315-704-0319 to reserve your place or visit www.TheCenter4Wellness.com for more information.
1 Hoffman St.
Auburn, NY 13021
P: 315.704.0319
F: 315.704.0160

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The Center is a 12,000 sq-foot facility located at 1 Hoffman St. in Auburn, NY. The Center was founded by Mary Ann Giacona, and is truly a place where you can take charge of your life and experiance a lyfestyle of wellbeing.
It is our belief, that each human being is unique and should be treated accordingly. What may be healthy and healing for one may not be the case for another. This includes areas of nutrition, exercise, techniques for staying healthy, and approaches to treating dysfunction and disease. Our services, workshops, lectures, and products are reflective of this, and continually seek to bring individuals to a place of empowerment that will allow them to take control of their wellness process and help them cultivate their own authenticity in maintaining health.
Our philosophy to health caters to the whole of the individual (body, mind, spirit, and emotion) instead of managing symptoms or focussing on the one area they may feel ‘stuck’ in. This approach takes the individual away from ‘managed care’ and into a natural state of well being that includes the elimination of the root cause of the symptoms that are a reflection of the imbalances in the body’s system. This also takes them to a level of understanding that continues their wellness process well after their treatments end.
1 Hoffman St.
Auburn, NY 13021
P: 315.704.0319
F: 315.704.0160

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